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Welcome to Community Development in Kansas City!

I am a writer, educator, researcher, and urban enthusiast.  I’ve lived in Chicago, IL, Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Pompano, Gainesville, FL, Camden, NJ, Overland Park, KS, and Kansas City, MO. I have a Ph.D. in Urban Politics and Urban Planning. This education and training has afforded me the opportunity to really study the elements that go into making a workable, livable, sustainable, and enjoyable city. Teaching and researching about community economic development has led me to one inevitable conclusion – I want to practice what I teach.

I believe that social enterprises are an important hybrid tool in addressing urban core issues, especially those in Community Development. An SE is built on a business platform, but is designed to serve a social mission. My SE is Viable Third Community. The name stems from a year long pledge that I took with several others to take one year and spend all my discretionary income in the urban core of Kansas City, specifically in the 3rd City Council District. We did this to try new stores and restaurants that we might otherwise overlook and to determine just how economically viable the Third District Community really was for its residents. We blogged about the experience in an effort to get people outside the 3rd district to come in and try some of the merchants. I believe that demystifying the urban core is an important element to generate external support for the community. Our first social enterprise program is Community360.

Here is a discussion I had on social enterprise along with other thought leaders

Ashoka is the University level approach to social enterprise. Here is their student guide to Social Enterprise: Changemaking 101 Toolkit.

I believe in conversation, community, and action. It is that final step that seems to be the trickiest. 3rd Thursday CD Dinners are all about generating action, so please join us.

Other events on urban issues and community development are listed on this site as well.  If you have something you would like to post, please send it to me and I will endeavor to get it some publicity.

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Robyne Stevenson, Ph.D. 816.226.8246

You can find my work in these places —

Viable Third – the Social Enterprise is dedicated to generating community enterprises that build sustainable economic opportunities in the urban core. Visit the VTC website to learn more. Or check it out on Facebook:
Viable Third Community


Community360 – a program for high school, college, and education professionals to generate transformative school climates. 

You can find me on:

View Robyne Stevenson's profile on LinkedIn

I believe in celebrating the urban core. Here is a bit about the Bernard Powell statue on Brooklyn and 27th at Spring Valley Park. Learn about Mr. Powell in this short movie I made.


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